Fun Playlands in the Farm

Barnyard Playland

Climb up the 6' wall up to the hayloft! Walk across the bridge to the West Barn and look out the silo. Choose one of the four slides to get back to the barnyard. For more fun play underneath in the stable and tack room. Don't forget the work you have yet to do. Climb up on the tractor and wagon and bring in the Harvest.


A child's imagination will light up when they climb aboard the Cottonwood Express Train. Then take a ride in the school Bus to Siegel's Cottonwood Farm. Every child will love driving the Fire Truck and saving the day, or the huge Monster Truck.

Fort Cottonwood

All Aboard Me Ship Matie!
Watch out for Pirates. Then walk the plank and slide down to escape to safety. Climb all the way to the top of the crow's nest and look out over the corn maze. Is anyone lost? After you spot them: slide round and round and back to the ground. Now it's time to storm the castle. Climb to the top. Can you see the Pumpkin Patch from way up there?