Hayrack Rides

Tractors pull hayracks full of visitors through the Cornfields to the Pumpkin Field. Here you can get off and select their pumpkins and see what a real Pumpkin field looks like! Get your Pumpkin and catch the next ride back. Handicapped accessible - *Weather Permitting*.

Hayrides available: Weekdays 2 - 5:00PM; Weekends 10 - 5:00PM.

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Grain Train Ride

A tractor pulled ride for kids and parents alike.


Statesville Zombie Farm Paintball Ride* 

In early Spring some Scientists visited our farm. On that day they inquired about renting an acre of our land to grow some exotic plants so we agreed to rent the land to them. Come summertime some people were trespassing on the land and were bite by the exotic plants. The bite then turned them into flesh eating ZOMBIES! So now we need your help to kill these Zombies and get this outbreak under control.  We have been working with the Military and the Scientist behind these plants and we have built a Zombie destroying truck and a special kind of weapon and ammo to put a final stop to these flesh eating zombies. But we only have one problem we dont have enough troops so JOIN US TODAY and help us save the WORLD! 

Can you handle this intense Zombie Ride? This is a Half mile long ride in a REAL Army Troop Carrier Truck were you shoot Real Zombies and Targets with Zombie slim paintballs.

(Zombie Paintball is only open Weekends (Saturday, Sundays & Columbus Day)

Also available for parties, Book your Parties today!

Note: Zombie paintball is not included in general admission

*Additional Small Fee

Pony Rides*

Bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in your child by having them ride on the ponies. Our ponies are always a huge attraction for your little one.

Pony rides $5.00 each for children up to 60lbs.

* Weekends Only and Columbus Day and additional small fee

Warning- Under the Equine Activity Act, each Participant who engages in an equine activity expressly assumes the risk of enegaging in and legal responsiblity for injury, loss, or damage to person or property resulting from the risk of equine activities.

Pumpkin Mine Kiddie Train

Kids can ride the train through the seven dwarf's Pumpkin mine. Listen to the conductor sound his whistle while the Dwarf's mine for the perfect pumpkin.
Maximum Weight limit of 50 lbs. applies.

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Ghost Town Rail Road

See the farm in style, take the Ghost Town Railroad from the station out to the Golden Gulch Gem Mine and back again. Kids and adults can ride the rails together. (weight limit 250 lbs.)

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